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No one’s thinking about you as much as you are. (And why you don’t need to apologize for not blogging more)

thinking about you

I look like shit I look like shit I look like shit. That’s the thought that ruined my whole evening recently. And my steak. That day, I’d been part of a photo shoot for a friend who’s a stylist and needed to put outfits on real people (read: so. not. models.) for her blog. She had pros there to do my… keep reading…

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Who hangs up on people?


On TV, people are always hanging up on each other. Sometimes it’s meant rudely. “You’ll see my smiling face in court.” CLICK. Sometimes it’s just a natural end to the conversation. “I gotta go.” CLICK. I’ve never been able to do this, either way. Even in a heated argument with a customer service representative, the… keep reading…

life and stuff

You know you want a fever.

body temp

I wasn’t feeling good yesterday. I got home from working with my friend Marie — after being unable to finish my chicken noodle soup, abusing Marie’s bathroom repeatedly and spraying the last of her “Crapper Trapper” (a Poo Pourri product with a military font to market to men but fine for ailing women), trudging the few blocks home with all my muscles… keep reading…

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May you join me? No, you may not.


Hey person I don’t know, Don’t join me into your weirdo private Facebook group. Yes, I know it weakens my position of “I don’t know you” that I accepted your friend request, but I only did that because I’d already accepted so many friends I’ve never met that it’s like a party that’s out of… keep reading…


Women on TV have sex and moisturize so much


  Three things that confound me about women on TV: 1) They are always ready to bone. And that’s all it takes. I’m talking network TV, not cable or comedy. Those show some real, awkward fumbling stuff. But on a drama, even a decent one, there’s no “Wait, wait, not ready” (note to NPR – new game show?)… keep reading…

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When did you lose your sales balls?


Oy. The ol’ “lemonade stand” story. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? That cliche where every big-shot business owner’s life story includes a bit about being a “born entrepreneur”? And the evidence, every single time, is that they’d had a lemonade stand as a kid? My first reaction to that is always, “Aw, man, I wish I’d… keep reading…