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Is there treatment for a time problem?

tempus fuckit

We talk about eating disorders, body dysmorphia, phobias, substance abuse, depression… But what about a time disorder? What do you call it when you never get along with days, hours and minutes? Is there a name for that? When you always have one clock in the house that’s on the wrong hour setting — daylight savings when… keep reading…

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Good boss, bad boss


I’m the boss of me. Which means… 1) I have the best boss! 2) I have the worst boss. Best: I’m letting me go on vacation tomorrow, so close to my last vacation. No guilt trip about how it’s “bad for company morale.” No warnings about how this is eating into my summer vacation, or requests… keep reading…

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I need to start doing weights.


If there’s ever an apocalypse, I’m going down with the first bunch. I will not be in the group foraging for squirrel meat and setting up camp wherever they find flat ground. First of all, because I wouldn’t survive that scenario. I’ve barely made it through any camping trip I’ve ever gone on. Not once, but twice, on… keep reading…


Wayback Wednesday: My dad, the ski lodge pimp

teenage girl

One time, on a ski vacation, my dad tried to pimp me. Maybe that’s misleading. He was trying to find me “teens my age.” That was always his thing. Not always teens, but always kids my age. My dad loves meeting people more than the average person loves meeting people. And from his days selling both Catholic… keep reading…