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How to salvage a shitty day

spoiled arugula

My day today was going shitty. Nothing terrible happened, it was more of a low-grade shitty. 1) I woke up looking really puffy, especially around the jowl area. I say “jowl area” because it sounds less harsh and middle-aged than plain ol’ “jowls.” 2) I forgot to take the spoiled arugula with me when I went out for my… keep reading…

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If you shout, I get to listen.

The woman waiting for her cappuccino was standing at the counter, facing squarely into the work station, yelling to the barista. “YEAH, NOW I’M RETHINKING IT, I’M RETHINKING THE WHOLE THING!” Her cappuccino? She wanted to switch to a latte? But her tone wasn’t the slightly higher, “excuse me” pitch you use when you ask… keep reading…

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The bad kind of cancelled


I’m home! Today’s the first day back after my trip to Costa Rica. Or, it was supposed to be. The night before my 7:15am flight, my friend (and ex-imaginary-arch-nemesis) Ash messaged me that a volcano had erupted and covered the San Jose airport in ash. (Really, what are the odds that my trip to visit Ash would… keep reading…

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I am so not spiritual.


I am so not spiritual. Inspirational sayings on a sunset background make me gag just like when I accidentally eat a hair in a salad. I hate yoga. #zzzzzzzzisitoveryet? But maybe I’d do it if there were no chanting and the teacher yelled instead of talking in that breathy voice. And if it were dancing instead… keep reading…

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I’m going to visit my sworn ex-imaginary-arch-business-enemy.


The non-refundable plane tickets are booked. I’m going to visit my arch enemy. OK, ex-arch-enemy. Because we’ve become friends. Well, really, ex-imaginary-arch-business-enemy. Because I made up the enemy part in my head. She never had any part in it. She’s a fellow copywriter/entrepreneur. People have often said to me, “You know who your writing reminds me of?… keep reading…

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You could lose your nose


Warning. STAY INSIDE! That’s what I like to hear in winter. “Going out of doors may cause frostbite, which leads to amputation.” Otherwise, I spend the weekend like I did this one, feeling like it’s too cold and snowy to leave the house but being proved wrong and lazy by people outside my window who… keep reading…

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No one’s thinking about you as much as you are. (And why you don’t need to apologize for not blogging more)

thinking about you

I look like shit I look like shit I look like shit. That’s the thought that ruined my whole evening recently. And my steak. That day, I’d been part of a photo shoot for a friend who’s a stylist and needed to put outfits on real people (read: so. not. models.) for her blog. She had pros there to do my… keep reading…

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Who hangs up on people?


On TV, people are always hanging up on each other. Sometimes it’s meant rudely. “You’ll see my smiling face in court.” CLICK. Sometimes it’s just a natural end to the conversation. “I gotta go.” CLICK. I’ve never been able to do this, either way. Even in a heated argument with a customer service representative, the… keep reading…