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The #1 Most Beautiful Word Of All Time

scratchy throat

I won’t tease it out. Here’s what the word is: CANCELED. Or, cancelled. I looked it up, and you can choose your own spelling. Ever go to the magazine store and notice there’s Conde Nast Traveler and Conde Nast Traveller? It’s like that. I spell it canceled, single “l” because I canceled the second one, and I… keep reading…

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Books vs TV: Which Is Smarter?

shrimp on bench

I’m feeling very accomplished. I watched all of Transparent on Saturday. But I know that doesn’t count as an accomplishment. Reading a book in a day is impressive. Watching a season on Amazon Prime Instant Video is a binge. Why is that? Why is reading up here and TV watching down here? (This is a Kelly Bensimon-ism… keep reading…

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Don’t get on my bad side.

bad side

  I read a familiar story about Mariah Carey this week. It said she wanted to go on the Wendy Williams show, and her people requested/ insisted that Wendy give up her usual side of the set so Mariah could sit there and show the better side of her face. She’s been doing this for years…. keep reading…


Wayback Wednesday: Mustache VS Nutsack


When my sister and I were kids, there were two places in our neighborhood to buy us shoes. One was Hary’s Florsheim, still there on 83rd and Broadway, twice the original size, and now just called Harry’s. (Visit them online!) There, the guy who fit kids for shoes had a crazy, Coney-Island-style, waxed, curled mustache. These… keep reading…

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I Can Do Happy.

can do happy

Yesterday’s blog post sucked. I knew it while I was writing it. I’d had nothing to write, a state which I’ve promised won’t stop me from writing. “No time to write today” is legit; “Nothing to write today” is not. Why? Because sometimes when I’m thinking,  I’ve used up all the thoughts and ideas I’ll ever have,… keep reading…


Wayback Wednesday: Stalking, Butt Fuzz, and Pie Wars


This year, we’re doing Thanksgiving at my parents’ house. We used to do that every year without fail, and all the cousins would come to us. (We went elsewhere one year, and it was terrible because the stuffing was Stove Top. Unacceptable.) These days, people live in different places, have different people to see, and different… keep reading…