Getting married is “easy”? I can’t be friends with this person.

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This weekend, the NY Times ran an opinion piece by Elizabeth Wurtzel called Getting Married Is Easy: Why I Will Be Wed.  If you don’t know, Elizabeth Wurtzel was the literary It Girl in the 90s, when she wrote a hot-topic book called Prozac Nation. I didn’t read it because she annoyed me just by appearing all over the…

I cried.


Went to the most beautiful wedding this weekend. The ceremony was on the water’s edge in Montauk, Long Island, right as the sun set. The couple, both genetically blessed and stylish in their own right, knows every sexy, surfy person in the sexy-surfy-person mecca that is Montauk. And they both have good looking families. So that was the guest…

I have nothing to say today.

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I knew this day would come. The day when I feel like I have nothing to say. Sometimes I get inspired on my morning walk – like, check out the chick at the farmers market wearing diaper jeans. That’s a blog post! Sometimes I get inspired the night before when I’m watching TV with Steven….

Are you busy like I’m busy?

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A friend on Facebook just posted a link to a NY Times piece about how “busy” we all are.  And how compelled we are to answer, “you know, busy” when someone asks how we are. Not an original observation, but the fact that I saw it on Facebook felt so fitting, and made me think about what I really…

Neurotic medical and physical sh*t I’ve googled

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The other day, I opened my iPad as Steven was walking by, and this was on the screen. When he saw that, he hugged himself and rocked back and forth blissfully like a child embracing a favorite teddy bear, which is what he does when I do or say something stupid that he wants to…

You will wear diaper pants.

Last night at dinner, I asked Steven if we’d both end up wearing those diaper pants. “Yeah, probably,” he said without much thought. “And I know I can’t convince you, but I think we should live in the country somewhere and have a car that lowers so it’s easy to get into. The city’s just tough…

The good kind of jet lag never lasts.

Help! My jet lag is deserting me. Eastbound jet lag sucks, but I love the westbound kind. It’s the only thing that makes me wake up early, unless you count having to pee, or leg cramps. I’m genetically programmed to sleep till at least 9. I’m very defensive of my night-owl/ morning-sloth tendencies, because I don’t like…

No forks in the toilet: 6 crucial flying tips you haven’t heard


The other day, I posted about my vacation. The part I didn’t post about was the flight back. Here are a few things to know next time you fly. 1) Meridiana sucks hairy ones. That’s the terrible airline we flew. Never heard of it? Neither did the passport agent in NYC. He was like, “Meruh-what?…

Where were you that day? (An encore post)

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So, today’s post was going to be about an airline toilet. And then I saw Facebook and remembered what day it was, and so, yeah.  I hope you don’t think it’s cheating that I’m reposting this instead. I thought it would be cool to post it with a fresh, clean comments field for new ones….

Don’t fall, do have eyelashes, and other tips /notes from Italy vacation


Back from vacation! Yup. The blog resumes with a semi-trip-report. I research every trip to death, which includes sifting through old-people trip reports on Fodors’ forums. I have to skim them, because they’re exhausting to read — every morsel of food, every moment of the flight, the cab from the airport, the brand of walking shoes (Aerosole/ Merrel),…

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