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How to salvage a shitty day

spoiled arugula

My day today was going shitty. Nothing terrible happened, it was more of a low-grade shitty. 1) I woke up looking really puffy, especially around the jowl area. I say “jowl area” because it sounds less harsh and middle-aged than plain ol’ “jowls.” 2) I forgot to take the spoiled arugula with me when I went out for my… keep reading…

New York City / on the street

If you shout, I get to listen.

The woman waiting for her cappuccino was standing at the counter, facing squarely into the work station, yelling to the barista. “YEAH, NOW I’M RETHINKING IT, I’M RETHINKING THE WHOLE THING!” Her cappuccino? She wanted to switch to a latte? But her tone wasn’t the slightly higher, “excuse me” pitch you use when you ask… keep reading…