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“I wish I’d signed up for B-School through you.” I hear that all the time from B-Schoolers who find out about me after it starts. I’ve put this page together to tell you why B-School is so great and why my bonus is the one you want, so you don’t have to miss out.

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I write with Marie, and I love B-School.

Without B-School, I’d never have the kind of business success I now do. My smartest, most successful private clients have pretty much all taken it. If you take it, you can be one of those clients — for free.

You’ll also have access to me in the B-School Facebook group, where I’m an official B-School mentor. (Alongside other brilliant mentors, specializing in web design, tech, ecommerce, mindset, business strategy, and more.)

I’ve proudly been a partner of B-School year after year, have seen what helps B-Schoolers get the best results, and have developed the best bonus to do that for you. We’ll get to the details of my bonus, and my copywriting partnership with Marie, but first, let’s dig into the basics.


What B-School is:

Online business training for modern entrepreneurs.

(Don’t worry if you don’t think of yourself as an “entrepreneur.” I didn’t, either.)

It’s 8 weeks, all taught online, with lifetime access.
So you can take it any time, and review it over and over.
Which is what I do, every year.

It’s how I have:

  • My “couch-driven” business. (Mission statement: don’t make me get up.)
  • A website that helps me make  money.
  • Impact on the lives and businesses of people I work with. I didn’t know I cared about this, but it’s pretty cool.
  • The kinds of clients I’d hang out with even if they weren’t paying me. In fact, some have become great friends I talk to on the phone every day. Some send me presents. (WHAT!)
  • Clients who happily pay what I charge (ain’t cheap).
  • A workday that starts when I say it starts. There’s no “late for work” at Talking Shrimp.
  • Loyal blog readers who leave smart, hilarious comments and keep me going.
  • Opportunities I only dreamed of — like teaching (paid) writing workshops in Italy and Hawaii (these are long-term outcomes, mind you)
  • MORE THAN TRIPLE the income I had before I took my own business full time. And, approximately infinity times the income potential.

Some of the knowhow that went into creating Talking Shrimp, I got from Marie herself, at her kitchen table, before there was a B-School.

What to put on my website. How to build a list — and why I needed one. Get the free B-School training videos here for insights you can apply to your business right now, plus a feel for Marie’s teaching style.

The big idea: Get paid doing something that makes you happy.

Marie created B-School so she could show more than one person at a time how to set up a business they love, and market that business confidently and profitably to unlimited numbers of people. “Sky’s the limit”-style. And, if it’s your bag, “Change the world”-style, too.

Is B-School worth the investment?

Click here to read reviews from alums and see what they got out of it.

And…Check this out —

Just being a citizen of B-School-Land can make your business.
This is a ginormous side benefit. I repeat, side benefit. Join for the course, not for the exposure. But know that there’s an active, supportive, online B-School community, which — if you get involved, connect, and give generously —  can help you build you an inner circle of friends who get it, and a word-of-mouth reputation that feeds you constant business.

That is, assuming you have something other B-Schoolers want.

With tens of thousands of members, from all countries and walks of life, that’s almost guaranteed. Unless you’re selling meth lab equipment or, like, kiddie porn. If that’s the case, it’s not your market. And neither am I. Shoo, perv.

Is B-School 2018 for you?

If you’ve fantasized about saying adiós to your full-time job and doing something you love from home
If you have a business and you know it could be so much bigger
If you wish you had customers and clients you liked better…
If you dream of turning your pet cause into an enormous groundswell-movement-revolution-game changer type of thing…
If you’re a coach or a jewelry maker or a realtor who wants to go big…
If you’re a trained nutritionist but also a talented graphic designer but also a great listener but haven’t quite made a go of any one of those things…
If you’re serious about doing something new or something bigger…
…and doing it this year…
I can’t recommend it enough.
(Got more questions about B-School? Click here to take a full tour of the program..)

You’re so there, right? And now you want to know what you get from me?
Well then…


The Copy Rescue Package from Talking Shrimp.

Best B-School bonus, for best B-School results.
(*Yours, when you sign up through me.*)

Pair B-School with the bonus you’ll actually use:

Free 1-on-1 copy help.

What do all the B-School success stories have in common?
Great copy.
That’s what you’ll need, too.
On your about page, your home page, your sales pages, your email headlines, all over your biz…Words that make it clear who you are, and what you do.
Words that instantly make people say, “Ooh, gimme that.”
I can help you with that.
OK. There are some fantastic bonuses out there.
But here’s the thing: layering on another course or program isn’t going to help you progress through the B-School modules and put the great info into action. It’s like too many toys on Christmas. You pick one up, put it down to open another, and soon you’ve forgotten them all. Not only will my bonus not distract you, it’ll help you through the number one place where most people trying to rebrand or set up a new business get stuck.


The Talking Shrimp Bonuses

Click on the tabs to see what you’ll get

The Talking Shrimp “Dirty Thirty” 1-on-1 Copy Tune-Up ($500 value)

Note that almost NOBODY offers personal, one-on-one anything as part of their bonus. This is some special shizz up in here.

Here’s how it works.

STEP 1) You choose a piece of copy you’re struggling with. Or, one you love (because love is blind, especially copy-love).  Your…

  • About page,
  • Work With Me page,
  • Homepage,
  • Opt-in offer,
  • Tagline,
  • Sales page,
  • Blog post,
  • Newsletter…
  • BLANK FREAKING SCREEN (Sometimes we need a push.)

Up to you.

STEP 2)  Do a straight Dirty Thirty (half hour) with me on the phone or Skype, where I look at what you’ve got when we start talking, and go over it on the spot. I’ll work it over with you. Not so much beat it up as massage it, real hard, in spots that are making it stiff and/or weak.

STEP 3) You weep with joy over the improved copy, and your new understanding of how to put “you” into the words you use in your business. You continue to weep, or clap — if you’re not the crying type — when you see how your ideal clients and buyers respond to your words with a big ol’ YES PLEASE. 

Club Talking Shrimp: Your Private Facebook Group ($750 value)
Can you say “copy coaching orgy?”

Don’t, it sounds gross. But we’re going group-style with a private space where I can get to know you, cheer you on, and give you exclusive tips that enhance the weekly B-School modules. You get to mingle, brag, and support each other.

I’ll also do two live Q&As (scheduled in advance) where I pop into the group and answer your burning copywriting questions on the fly.

This group will run for the entire 8 weeks of B-School.

Total bonus value: $1250

That is, if you can put a price on communicating what you do so well that people line up to throw money at you. What qualifies me to make such big claims? Read on.


If you sign up right when B-School enrollment opens, you’ll get my fast-action bonus. It’s really good. I’ll be emailing about it first to my B-School “first to know” list, so make sure and sign up on this page.


I want in on this



It chops…it blends…it writes with Marie Forleo!
“It” is me. Together, Marie Forleo and I co-script every episode of her weekly video series, Marie TV.  (That’s me in the pic, making a cameo.) Marie’s an incredible copywriter, but when she wants to ramp it up or hash it out, I’m her go-to. I was the exclusive copy coach for her high-level Mastermind groups, I helped her craft the B-School campaign, I taught from the stage at her live event here in NYC, and, best of all, Marie and I co-created an online copywriting course, The Copy Cure, which has already helped thousands of members to write killer copy.

Oh, also:

I’ve spent 20 years writing promos for major TV networks.
And helped countless B-Schoolers and other business owners with their copy.

They’ve said things like this:

“I had a 50% uptick in business the first year after hiring Laura. Over half my clients say it was the copy on my site that got them to sign up with me. Bonus: working with Laura not only brought out my voice and sharpened my skills, but made writing fun again.”

“Laura Belgray was instrumental in writing copy for my best-selling book campaign. She also totally changed my sales page around and upped conversions. She’s my secret copy weapon and should be yours, too.”

“Wowee. Along with your incredible ideas and wordsmithing, working together gave me greater confidence in 1) my own writing and 2) my offering. If I’d hired someone I respected less I probably would have been hesitant about using copy that was as confident as what you’ve written. I’m wicked happy I made this investment in your work.”– FARIDEH CEASAR

“Belgray is a word magician. I bring her pretty good copy and she turns it into spectacular, shiny, totally jumping off the page making people take action copy. It’s amazing and it happens every time. The first time I worked with her on a sales page I made $20K in one week. Woah Nelly!”

“In the first 4 days after working with Laura on my website copy I booked $5000 worth of new business. That was triple my average. Triple. Laura’s help has brought out my natural voice, exploded my income, and changed my business forever. Can I get an amen?”– LICIA MORELLI

“I’m consistently blown away by Laura’s genius copywriting skills and how quickly she can deliver exactly what I’m trying to say…but 100 times better.  Within a week of spicing up my copy, I landed two new clients!”

Digging the Talking Shrimp B-School Bonus?

It’s yours when you enroll through my link. (I’m a proud affiliate partner and collect a commission.)

I’ll be giving you the link when enrollment opens. Sign up here, in the form below, and I’ll keep you looped in so you don’t miss your chance to sign up for B-School through me and collect the bonus.

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Email me with any questions. I can’t say enough good things about B-School, even though I’m really good at saying things.