Hello, TV network or production company person.
I’ll write your promos.

Or I can give you superb concepts. Have a shoot and need someone on set to make quick script changes? I do that. On a regular basis, I write upfronts and sales tapes, launch promos, launch campaigns, funny “coming up next” lines, branded entertainment, integrated promotions, digital content, taglines, show opens, bumpers, print ads, and…what am I missing? Whatever it is, I write that, too. And I’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years. (I’m not old, I was a baby when I started.) Check out some of my favorite spots on my reel below. Or, just click here to get in touch now.

Here are a bunch of spots I’ve written.
Some new, some old faves. I suggest you:

1. Watch them all, twice.
2. Listen to the NBC voiceover stuff below them (once will do).
3. Check out the print and other text-based stuff below that.

Then, if you like what you see and hear, and you want a piece of *this* (makes hand gesture indicating self),

click right here.

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Insightful observer of pop culture

Brilliant copywriter, savvy marketing strategist, Laura has been an invaluable creative resource for Nick at Nite and TV Land. The only question about endorsing Laura Belgray is whether I care to admit…that she is a better writer than I?

Tom Hill, Creative VP, TV Land