Does your copy suck?


Your website…your blog posts…your sales pages….

Are people devouring, sharing and liking them? Buying from them? Not so much? Then I’ve got news: your copy sucks.

Nuh uh uh, don’t argue. Shh. Zip. Zzzzp. It’s not the 2001-style website graphics that makes them click away, or the “head shot” you took in the mirror with a flash. (Really?)

It’s the words. The copy.

Now, that’s not bad news. It’s good news. Because you can fix your copy right now!

I have 5 tools for you that IMMEDIATELY make your writing more fun to read and impossible to resist.

Yes, I said “immediately.”

(That’s as soon as you apply them to your copy, not as soon as you read them. C’mon, that’s magical thinking. Doesn’t work on copy.)

Take these tips and use them right away. They’re like a squeegee that wipes away the suckiness from your copy and leaves your message punchy, compelling, and crystal clear.

You know how to use a squeegee, right? Then you can do this.

Do you cave to peer pressure? Good.
Non-Sucky Copy: Everybody’s doin’ it!

3 years later…

I still scan through your Non-Sucky Copy pdf before I write. This makes me laugh every time: “So write the way you would talk. And by that, I means the way you’d talk to a friend — not how you’d speak in a British Parliament session.” I love you.
Liz Dialto, Creator of Wild Soul Movement

Non-Sucky Copy rocks it.

I’ve had A LOT of freebies & PDFs land in my inbox in the last 10 years and yours is the ONLY one I’d kill for. It belongs on the NY Times bestseller list. I tell EVERYONE about it.
Erika Lyremark, Author – Think Like a Stripper & Creator of MARKD

Erika Lyremark for Talking Shrimp

These tools will make ALL your content and copywriting more powerful. Get ’em.